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Terms of Use.


Terms of Use.

Cohort Go Payments.

  1. Eligible Transactions. You are only permitted to use this Service to make payments for:

    • tuition to officially approved education institutions that offer courses to people studying on student visas;
    • approved international education related fees (including accommodation, guardianship services and overseas student health insurance) to approved international education service providers;
    • where available, your own bank account; and
    • any other transaction we approve from time to time by written notice to you.
  2. Authorisation. You authorise Cohort Go to make payments on your behalf. Cohort Go will make the payment on your behalf according to the details that you have provided to Cohort Go.

  3. Payment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the details of the transaction are accurate. Once you confirm the transaction, Cohort Go immediately hedges the currency risk to ensure that Cohort Go is not exposed to market moves in the exchange rate. Therefore, Cohort Go cannot cancel any payments. For every transaction you enter with Cohort Go, you agree to complete the transaction as detailed in your personalised confirmation, including paying the foreign currency amount into Cohort Go’s bank account by the settlement date. Any funds paid to Cohort Go are held in a dedicated settlement account for the benefit of the relevant Cohort Go Company. Payment can generally be completed by instigating a telegraphic transfer (wire) by you (or someone acting on your behalf), physically entering your branch of your bank or using your bank's internet banking portal. Where available, you can make payment into a Cohort Go local bank account. It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment is processed into Cohort Go’s bank account and does not fail or remain unprocessed for any reason. If you have followed the instructions on the confirmation, but your bank suggests there is a problem with the payment, please contact Cohort Go. Once your funds reach Cohort Go’s bank account in the amount you have transacted, provided the information that you have given to Cohort Go is correct and all compliance and regulatory checks have been completed, Cohort Go will pay your provider.

  4. Foreign Exchange Authority. If required, you give Cohort Go authority to purchase foreign exchange for the Services.

  5. Partners. You acknowledge that Cohort Go may use partners to process part, or all, of a payment, such as duly licensed local financial institutions to process the domestic portion of a cross-border payment. All processing onshore and domestically within China is carried out independently by Cohort Go’s licensed payments service operator partner institutions in China.

  6. Fees. Cohort Go does not charge any fees for using Cohort Go’s international tuition payment service (unless set out on the Website as part of the Service). You are liable for any fees that your bank may charge you from time to time. This includes any fees that may be charged to you for whatever reason. Should any fees you are charged reduce the foreign currency amount that Cohort Go receives into Cohort Go’s bank account, you agree to either instigate a further payment into Cohort Go’s bank account or contact Cohort Go to organise to pay the remaining funds. Cohort Go will not make payment until Cohort Go has received payment in full.

  7. Refunds. Once payment has been received by Cohort Go and checks completed, Cohort Go immediately makes payment to your provider, therefore Cohort Go does not provide refunds. Any refund you may be entitled to must be requested directly from your provider according to the rules of cancellation and repayment of that provider. If Cohort Go processes a refund (for example, where Cohort Go’s checks were not satisfied), the refund will be refunded back to the original source where those funds were received from (and may be net of commissions).

  8. Website claims. Savings mentioned on the Websites are based on the assumption of savings of 3.5% based on investigations by Cohort Go of average retail margins and fees for foreign currency transactions. Individual rates and savings may vary.

  9. Timing. While Cohort Go takes every care to ensure the payment is expedited, you should ensure that you instigate a transaction and provide all required information in a timely manner and leave sufficient time for your payment to be processed.

  10. Closure of FX Markets. When FX markets are closed, Cohort Go may suspend the payment service.

  11. Erroneous Pricing. Cohort Go relies on third party vendors to provide Cohort Go with real-time pricing on currency exchange rates. Should any of these rates be manifestly incorrect, Cohort Go will contact you as soon as possible to let you know of the error and the correct payment amount. You can either proceed with this correct payment amount or cancel the transaction. Cohort Go is not liable for any incorrect rate feeds.

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