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Payments with peace of mind.

The safe, more secure way to make and receive international payments. Using our easy-to-use payment solution, we can save you and your international students’ time and money.

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Offer students competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees on international payments.

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Track the status of payments in
real-time from start to finish and
expedite visa applications

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Streamline commissions and
 save on transfer fees and
foreign exchange rates.

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Go the extra mile by offering more value with less leg work.

Pay student fees

Pay study costs the smarter way.

Cohort Go Payments is a global payment gateway, providing an easier and faster way for international students to pay study-related invoices. Save students money on their tuition, health insurance, accommodation and living expenses by paying in their local currency with competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees.

With access to all major currencies and options to simply support, completely manage, or receive and batch-pay student payments, the global payments portal supports you in any situation.

Pay track students

Track payments in real-time with progress notifications.

Our live portal dashboard and progress email notifications enable you to track the status of payments in real-time from start to finish. Through streamlined integration, you can ensure there are no delays.

Pay save commission

Manage commissions and increase revenue.

Cohort Go offers an easier way to make tuition payments to institutions, whether paying gross or net commissions. Retained commission amounts can be calculated either through direct entry by the counsellor, or by pre-configuring commission calculations specific to particular institutions.

Cohortgo account

Save with Cohort Account.

Save time and money by receiving and pooling your commissions from any education provider in a dedicated local currency account. Take advantage of competitive foreign exchange rates, further reducing global transaction fees. Agencies can also use Cohort Accounts to distribute funds between multiple sub-agents.

Our cloud-based solutions are trusted, secure, and tailored for students, agents and providers, so you know you can rely on Cohort Go.

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Today, over 100,000 students from more than 180 countries trust Cohort Go, and it’s these positive connections and acclamations that tell a story of success.

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