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Take control with your own dedicated landing page for students.

Easily identify and match payments to students in the system with your own landing page with customisable fields for student information.

You can have multiple landing pages to accommodate different payment purposes and bank accounts.

Offer your students savings when they pay in their local currency.

Students can pay their tuition using local domestic payment methods via our Cohort network. Your students save money with our competitive real time FX rates and zero additional fees.

Keep on track with visibility of your students’ payment at any given point in time.

See all your student transactions at a glance. Track payments every step of the way, from the moment a student initiates a payment to when the funds are received by you.

Streamlined reconciliation and reporting.

Sit back and enjoy Cohort Go’s streamlined reconciliation process. Once we have received the funds within our Cohort network, 95% of payments are processed within 48 hours. Receive a settlement report each time funds are processed.

Sync directly with our payment plans.

All payments made via the Cohort network will automatically sync with your payment plans.

Explore payment plans.

Provide a seamless handover by pre-filling details on the landing page for your students.

Your designated landing page can be pre-filled from invoice details to make funds transfers even easier for students.

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White labelled API solution.

We can work in the background to make your life easier. Ready-made to fully integrate with your application, from start to finish. For more information, please visit our dev guide.

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