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Centralise your agent management.

Managing your agents shouldn’t cause your team headaches. Locate every agent, contract and communication easily.

Unite your team with your very own custom workflows.

Every organisation has their own workflows when it comes to managing accounts. With Cohort Go, you can add your own custom statuses and any other agent information that is relevant to you.

Store documents and internal contact notes on your agents so your team has overview of any interaction that has previously occurred.

Embrace automation to empower your workflows.

Keep on the ball by setting tasks and reminders so you never miss any action items regarding your agents. 

Set rules to automatically update your workflow statuses when tasks are completed.

Easily share and request items from your agents.

Send and receive basic documents from your agents via a shared portal link. Agents can also request updates to basic information through the same portal.

Track and manage your agent contracts.

Keep all your agent contract information together and easily locate it in seconds.

Explore contract management.

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