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Eliminate administrative and reconciliation burden.

Combine and pay multiple student refunds in one lump sum; all while never leaving the platform.

Save on costs as you issue refunds internationally.

Eliminate the headache of issuing refunds overseas. Settle all payments in one currency while we orchestrate each refund around the world in its own currency. We offer competitive rates and fees for each country.

Reduce prep work required to make student refunds.

Simply collate all of your student refund requests into one spreadsheet and our service team can assist you with imports. We’ll show you a single batch remittance for you to pay.

Further simplify your refund process.

With our simple online student refund form, your students can submit refund requests which appear in your portal, ready for approval and payout in one lump sum.

Plus, pay commissions and other education related expenses.

All payments can be made easily through our outbound payments solution, where you save with competitive FX rates and fees.

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