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Get organised with a centralised view of payment plans.

Organise, create and track custom payment plans for different students and administer late fees for overdue payments. No matter how much is paid, the system will allocate funds to the associated outstanding invoices.

Help your students stay on track.

Proactively follow up on outstanding payments and determine what is owed to you. Set your payment plan rules in place and let the system do the rest. Easily identify students that require escalation so payments don’t slip through the cracks.

We can issue payment receipts too.

Stay on top of your business with insightful reports.

Your online reporting monitors student payment plans so you can see at a glance which students are behind, and ensure they are paid up before course completion.

Offer direct debit to your students.

Reduce the effort needed to make regular repeated payments. Your students set the configuration just once, and payments are collected as they are due. 

Explore direct debit.

Integrate with your favourite finance software.

Streamline workflows across finance and administration teams, no matter where they work. Integrate payment plan invoices and reconciliation with your finance software.

Use Xero for your online accounting? Our seamless integration keeps you connected to where you like to work.

Explore Xero integration.


Can my payment plan incorporate fixed fees that students pay up front?

Yes, we can set fixed payments within your payment plan templates to ensure up-front costs are included in the total amount of the payment plan. Some common fixed payments include deposits, material fees and admin fees.

What processes will my payment plans automate?

Using Cohort Go payment plans you can: 

  • Generate invoices for your payment plan X days before payment due date 
  • Send reminders to your students on the payment due date or X days after the due date
  • Create internal reminders for your admin team on the due date or X days after the due date
  • Send receipts to your students when payments are marked as paid.
How many automated reminders can I set up?

As many as you like! We have no limit on the number of automated reminders you can set up in your payment plan system.

What happens if a student under/over pays during a payment cycle?

If your student has underpaid in a payment cycle, simply specify the paid value in that payment and the system will do the rest, ensuring that the unpaid amount is tracked separately. For overpaid payments our system will automatically distribute extra funds to  the next closest payment.

What if a payment has been refunded?

Yes, payments that have been paid can be marked as refunded if that is the case. The amount that has been refunded will be displayed. You can also use our automated rules to issue and send a receipt to the student when their payment has been marked as refunded.

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