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Terms of Use


Terms of Use

Cohort Go Arrival Services.

  1. Providers. Cohort Go provides Services and the arrivals providers provide the arrival services to you. If you decide to purchase arrival services, by using a link on the Website, Cohort Go will collect your application and payment and submit those to the relevant provider. You acknowledge that any arrival services you purchase is purchased from the provider under the provider’s terms and conditions, and not by Cohort Go, and Cohort Go is not liable to you in relation to the arrival services. Cohort Go does not guarantee the ability of the provider to fulfil its obligations to provide the arrival services that you may purchase.
  2. Identification. You may be required to provide a credit card at check-in/arrival to cover incidental charges and you may also be required to provide photographic identification. Providers may refuse accommodation where they are not reasonably satisfied as to the credentials of any guest at the time of check-in/arrival.
  3. Changes, cancellations and refunds. Terms and conditions for booking changes, cancellations and refunds are specific to each provider. These terms are set out on the payment page. To make changes to your booking, or to request a cancellation, please email Cohort Go at [email protected]. If you are entitled to a refund under the provider’s terms and conditions, the refund will be made through the system to the same account that you used to pay for the booking.
    Where the card or account has been closed, the refund will be made to the financial institution from where the payment originated.

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