Go further with your international education services for you and your students:

Are you an agent? Learn more.

Are you an agent? Learn more.

Payments with peace of mind.

The safe, more secure way to make and receive international payments. Using our easy-to-use payment solution, we can save you and your international students’ time and money.

Payments with peace of mind.

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Offer students competitive foreign exchange rates and no fees on international payments. 

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Eliminate payment reconciliation challenges, short payments and
merchant fees.

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Streamline outgoing payments,
from commissions to refunds
and invoices.

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Designed specifically for international education, we deliver simple and fast payment solutions for you and your international students.


Simplify payments for you and your students.

Save you and your students time and money with your own dedicated inbound payments portal. Students can save on their tuition fees by paying in their local currency at competitive foreign exchange rates and can choose from multiple payment options including local currency transfer or credit card payments.

Pay transactions

Reconciliation streamlined.

Our live, admin dashboard enables your staff to understand the pipeline of payments initiated and received by Cohort Go Payments and settled with your institution. The platform eliminates unidentified, missing or short balance international payments, speeding up the entire process and protecting you from the unpredictability of international transactions. 

Outward payment

Less paperwork, more time.

Streamline your outbound international payments, from commissions to student refunds and international supplier payments. With the outbound payments module, save time by reducing your payments to a single domestic transaction and we’ll complete the rest.

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Go the extra mile by offering more value to students and streamlining your workflow.  

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