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Save on international student refunds.

Ease the burden of paying student refunds and save with low FX rates and fees.

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Agent commissions paid with ease.

Simplify complex commission payments and supplier invoices with batch payments and one-click approvals.

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Student money transfers minus the stress.

Offer students amazing FX rates and zero fees with multiple payment options.

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Backed by the best security technology available and our global network of banking partners, Cohort Go allows providers to securely make and receive international payments, from anywhere, any time.

Save on international student refunds.

Ease the burden of processing student refunds with a safe, more secure way to manage money transfers. Compared to bank transfers, you’ll save up to AU$50 per payment in transaction fees with us. You’ll save even more with our competitive foreign exchange rates, which you’ll share with your students, agents and suppliers.

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Agent commissions paid with ease.

Eliminate manual commission calculations with automation. Use accurate information flows to ensure agent are paid correctly and on time, every time. Valuable resources in your International, Finance and Operations departments will be able to focus on higher-value tasks.

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Track payments every step of the way.

Your dashboard enables you to understand the pipeline of payments initiated and settled within your institution. The platform fast-tracks the entire payment process by eliminating unidentified, missing or short balance transfers, protecting you from the unpredictability of international transactions. Plus, 95% of our payments are completed within 48 hours and our real-time tracking means you’ll know where each payment is from start to finish.

Offer students amazing FX rates and zero fees.

With your unique payment portal, students can save on study costs by paying in their local currency with amazing FX rates and zero fees. Trusted by more than 100,000 students from over 180 countries, Cohort Go is the safe, secure and smart way to make international payments.

Automate recurring payments.

Cohort Go’s custom-built direct debit functionality enables the automation of recurring student payments. With direct debit, significantly reduce late payments and alleviate the workload on your finance staff.

Seamless integration.

The Cohort Go platform provides integrations with in-house CRMs or third party systems including student information systems, and a variety of messaging, booking and accounting platforms. Through the use of our API and apps platform, data can be constantly synchronised to an external source to ensure multiple systems can effectively work with common data. Streamline your data and track student payments in one place, with secure access anywhere, anytime.

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Our cloud-based solutions are trusted, secure, and tailored for students, agents and providers, so you know you can rely on Cohort Go.

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Today, over 100,000 students from more than 180 countries trust Cohort Go, and it’s these positive connections and acclamations that tell a story of success.

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