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There is a better way to manage your international
education services.

Financial, agent management and recruitment tools that help you stay on top of international
payments, see all your agent information in one place and consolidate your team's recruitment efforts.

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  • Save time managing your agents with a centralised agent management workflow. Stay on top of everything by setting tasks and reminders and enjoy better relationships with your agents.

  • Offer your students savings on education related expenses with your own inbound payments portal. With full visibility of your complete payment pipeline, you will always know where your money is. Plus, your students save more with competitive FX rates and zero additional fees.

  • Simplify complex and costly international commission and general expense payments with our outbound payment service. Combine invoices from multiple agencies and partners into one batch payment, saving time and reducing fees.

  • Understand exactly when and what commissions need to be paid out and eliminate complex commission calculations with automated commission management.

  • Providing your students the ability to pay in instalments doesn't have to be an administrative nightmare. With our payment plan management you can create, manage and track custom payment plans with automatic payment reminders, easily identify students that have fallen behind on their payments and generate insightful reports.

  • Ensure you get paid on time, every time by allowing students to set up automatic transactions via direct debit. Students set up the payment just once, while you gain a complete overview of all student collection accounts.

  • Processing student refunds doesn't have to be costly or time consuming. Using our student refund process eliminates administrative burden while saving you on fees associated with outbound payments. Students can even requests refunds themselves online.

  • Easily see and access all contract information in one place with our contract management. Track the status of each contract and never miss when they need to be reviewed and renewed.

  • Unite your team and streamline your recruitment with a centralised dashboard of recruitment tools. Create effective marketing plans to incentivise agents and diversify your student markets, manage your business trips and store all agent intelligence together.

What you can do with Cohort Go.

Financial, agent management and recruitment tools that help you stay on top of international payments,
see all your agent information in one place and consolidate your team's recruitment efforts.

Agent management.

Centralise your agent management to locate every agent, contract and communication in minutes.

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Inbound payments.

Understand the complete pipeline of payments initiated and settled within your institution.

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Outbound payments.

Save on costs associated with processing out-going payments for education expenses.

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Manage commissions.

Automatic commission calculations tailored to each of your agent partnerships.

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Payment plans.

Offer and manage customised payment plans with automatic reminders for your students.

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Direct debit.

Offer your students the ability to pay fees via automated payment collection.

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Student refunds.

Eliminate administration and save on costs associated with processing student refunds.

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Manage contracts.

Keep your agent contract information one place and locate them in seconds.

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Recruitment tools.

Further your agent recruitment with advanced marketing and business features.

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Health cover.

Our OSHC comparison tool provides students savings on insurance policies.

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