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Why is international study so valuable?

February 20, 2018

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t view their international study experience as transformative. Being exposed to new cultures, making new friends and exploring a new country – these are the kinds of things that you never forget.

Why should you consider international study?

But what if we told you, your international study experience was more than just fond memories? Research tells us that students who study overseas are more creative, more likely to find employment and better versed in new languages.

Let’s explore just a few of the research-backed benefits of studying internationally.

1. A boost to your creativity

Turns out, studying abroad might be the key to getting those creative juices flowing. The research, conducted by an American University, found that immersion in a foreign culture boosts one’s creativity. Not only that, but the findings also indicate that overseas experiences support cognitive processes involved in developing innovative solutions. Explore a new country AND walk away more creative for it? Sounds like a win-win to us.

2. An improvement in academic performance

When you complete your international studies your academic performance reaps the benefits. According to research by the University of California, 100 per cent of international students see an improvement in their GPAs following their time overseas.

Research has shown that following a study abroad excursion participants' academic performance improves.Research has shown that following international study, participants’ academic performance improves.

3. An enhanced grasp on foreign languages

Pretty unsurprisingly, students who study overseas are more confident in speaking a second language than those who don’t. This stat comes from a study by global language provider Sprachcaffe. The respondents that reported the most confidence in their speaking skills were those that studied overseas as ESL students.

4. An increased likelihood of employment

Over 95 per cent of study abroad students found employment within a year of graduation.

IES Abroad found that 97 per cent of students who study overseas found employment within a year of graduation. For comparison, the percentage of college students generally that find a position within this time period is 49 per cent. IES also reports that nearly three quarters of their own international alumni secured their first job within two months of graduation.

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Okay, so, now you’re sold and super keen to start planning your international adventure. We’re excited for you! To learn more about how to prepare the essentials before you go, download our Ultimate Survival Guide or reach out to one of our team members today!

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