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Top tips for retaining students throughout their study journey.

February 1, 2019

As many international students from across the world start travelling far from home to begin their study journey, it’s time to start thinking about ways to make sure that new and returning students alike are as prepared as possible to complete a long and successful study journey.

Making the choice to move overseas for study is a big decision, and having an agent who goes the extra mile to provide the right advice and guidance could see you build long-term relationships with students that help increase retention rates and your commissions. Here are our top tips for retaining your students, and tools that can help you along the way.

Track and automate payments and reminders

Waiting for student payments to be processed can not only be time consuming, but in many cases, prevent visa applications from being finalised. Without a visa application, students may not be able to commence study, and this could prove to be the end of a valuable lead for you and your agency. Being able to track student payments in real time via Cohort Go Payments will provide you with visibility across all of the students you work with, and can help you to finalise visa applications with minimal delays.

One way to ensure your students keep up with payments, is to automate reminders for when their next payment is due. At the same time, why not set up a similar reminder for yourself to follow up on your commission payment from the education provider.

Personalise your student engagement

If you’re servicing a lot of students, keeping a well organised record of your communication is the key to being able to provide a more personalised service. By keeping notes on each of your students, like travel plans or birthdays, and then adding this as a personal touch when sending an email or following up on an invoice, will allow you to create unique connections with your students.

Provide advice and support

60% of students tell us that the advice of their education agent has proved invaluable to them during their study journey. Becoming a knowledge leader and sharing advice to help students make the right decision for them, can help to position yourself as their go-to source of information throughout their study journey. From assisting students with their overseas student health cover to arranging airport pickups upon arrival at their study destination, going the extra mile to be well informed and partnered with the right service providers can help you to foster strong long-term relationships with your students.

Looking to increase your commissions?

At Cohort Go, we want to transform international education by creating a place for the community to reduce costs and increase choice and value. Simplifying the student recruitment process, Cohort Go brings together the management of student profiles, insurance, global payments and essential student services such as health insurance, transfers, and accommodation, in one easy-to-use platform.

Get started today with your free Cohort Go portal. It’s safe, secure and enhanced daily to adapt to your changing needs.