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Nisai Learning partners with Cohort Go.

August 09, 2020

Media article published by The PIE News on August 6th.

Australia-based edtech company Cohort Go has partnered with Nisai Learning to provide a cheaper and easier way for online learners to pay their tuition fees.

Nisai, an online learning provider, supports over 1,200 students worldwide with barriers to learning including illness, mental health conditions and challenging behaviours.

“More and more students have to turn to online learning”

The partnership with Cohort Go further propels Nisai’s mission by making learning more affordable for students and their families.

Through Cohort Go’s online payments solution, Nisai students have the ability to pay for courses in their local currency, avoiding expensive foreign exchange rates and transfer fees.

Cohort Go CEO, Mark Fletcher, said the partnership provides a convenient payment method for those learning online, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis.

“We are pleased to be able to offer Nisai students’ access to more convenient payment methods,” Fletcher said.

“Given the current impact of Covid-19, more and more students have to turn to online learning.

“It’s great that we can provide a more cost-effective option for students who wish to gain a quality education but benefit from an online learning environment.”

Nisai CEO, Dhruv Patel, said partnering with Cohort Go provides greater support to learners and their families around the world.

“The partnership with Cohort Go is an integral part of the wider global strategy of the Nisai Group to support learners and their families in the UK and internationally.”