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How Hamilton Boys College improved their agent & student relationships.

April 11, 2019

We caught up with Tonia Heeps, Director of International Students at Hamilton Boys College in New Zealand to chat about their Cohort Go journey and the success they have had with our international payments solution.

Our previous payment system was using our SWIFT number and our families paid directly to our school. Often the payments did not have the invoice number and it very frequently took us ages to track who the money was for. The same system was used for all overseas payment to agents and very frequently there were issues with the account details and payments were returned.  

Cohort Go has given our school complete confidence in making payments overseas. The common issues with incorrect details and returned payments no longer happen.

It has eliminated tensions with our agents over incorrect invoice information for payments and now when an overseas commission invoice comes in, it gets handed to Cohort Go and we do not have to deal with any issues that may arise. Our relationships with agents have definitely improved. Cohort Go is supportive, reliable and hassle-free.

Without hesitation I would recommend Cohort Go.