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How can you better manage student relationships as an agent?

March 27, 2018

Life as an agent can get hectic at times. There are so many students counting on you for a simple and successful transition into their international study experience. The good news is: Managing these relationships can be done successfully with the right tools.

So what can you do to better manage your relationship with students?

1. A centralised management platform

You want to have clear visibility over each of your students’ applications, conversations and payment processing. When you do, you ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Having a centralised management platform for all your student interactions helps streamline your processes and ultimately makes your relationships more efficient.

With Cohort Go you can manage, track and document the student application process in one cloud-based platform with secure access anywhere, anytime. From enquiry to departure, gain a complete view of the student lifecycle including application and visa status, activity history, communications and internal contact notes.

2. A start-to-finish approach

The strongest relationships are formed when you can provide assistance for the full life-cycle of your student’s overseas experience. From arranging stress-free airport transfers to overseeing their international payments – with your help they can go through the duration of their international education experience with confidence.

3. A reserve of need-to-know information

Any effective agent has critical international study information on hand at all times to help students make the right decisions. From assisting students to compare and purchase the right health insurance to information on how to make and track international payments. Agents should undergo ongoing training and utilise online help tools, to ensure they have the most up to date information and can best advise their students on how to navigate these key processes.

4. Don’t forget the personal touch

While all of the above tips might sound admin-centric, they’re a means to a more relationship-focused end. These systems will help streamline your admin so you can concentrate on putting a personal touch into every student interaction – a key component of any successful relationship.

Looking to improve your student relationship management?

At Cohort, we pride ourselves on creating ways for people to worry less and experience more. By giving our agents the tools they need to more effectively manage student relationships we open up the doors for students to get their experiences off to a flying start.

Keen to learn more? We’re excited to chat. Reach out to us today!

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