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Getting to know the global sales team: Glenn

April 16, 2019

In the second part of this blog, we get to know Glenn Bedford. Glenn joined Cohort Go in November 2018 as Global Head of Sales, based in our Brisbane head office.

Glenn shares a little bit about himself at work, and on a personal level too.

Can you give us a bit of an overview of your background before joining Cohort Go?

Glenn: For the last 20 years, I have worked primarily in the financial services industry and been based in both Sydney and London. My roles have combined sales and relationship management with project management and meant I’ve been involved in the complete process of client management from prospecting to onboarding to ongoing relationship management. My main area of expertise has been in investment management, global custody and trading services (including FX and securities lending).  

Glenn, since starting with Cohort Go in November last year, how are you enjoying the new role?

The new role has been a very steep learning curve for me. I’ve moved to a new industry and I’m working in an organisation which is completely different from a cultural perspective from my previous employment. I love challenges and so, therefore, the challenge of adjusting my working style and simultaneously getting to grips with a new and exciting industry has been really enjoyable.

What is it about your job that you enjoy the most?

Glenn: Do I have to list only one thing? How about 3?

  1. Working in a head office where all the decisions are made and have the ability to be a part of those decisions is great. For most of my career, I’ve worked for multinational US-headquartered banks in outposts for them (London and Sydney) where you are distant from the decision-making process both hierarchically but also geographically, so working for Cohort Go in Brisbane is a welcomed change.
  2. Knowing and interacting with everyone in the company is great. Moving from a global bank with over 250,000 employees to Cohort Go with about 40 employees is a really great change.
  3. Lastly, the potential of Cohort Go is unbelievably exciting. Being a part of something that is transformative to the industry is a fantastic experience. I’m really looking forward to contributing to an organisation that will deliver such fantastic benefits to international students and other industry participants over the coming years.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside of the office?

Glenn: Outside of the office I love spending time with my partner Raquel and my two kids Lucy and Emily. We’ve done quite a bit of travel over the last few years including a few trips to America, Spain, Italy and Holland which I’ve loved and always overindulged on local food! I’m also a professional golfer, just not good enough to not have to work, so I spend a lot of time practising and playing and I really enjoy playing new quality courses and appreciating the intricacies of the great golf course architects and trying to decipher the challenge they are laying ahead of me.

What is something interesting about you that people don’t know? Do you have any hidden talents?

Glenn: I failed grade 8 manual arts. My teacher jumped up and down on the wired edged metal box I had attempted to make. So if ever you need someone to help with DIY or flat pack furniture I can refer you to airtasker.

If you had to sum up Cohort Go in three words, what would you say?

Glenn: Ready to Explode (in a good way).

Keen to learn more about how Cohort Go has helped international educators and students across the globe? Discover more about our platform or reach out to Glenn today:

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