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Education agents missing the opportunity to make students feel right at home, new report reveals.

June 10, 2019

A new report surveying international students on their study experiences in Australia has revealed a massive opportunity for education agents - and it’s all about where students lay their head at night.

The 2019 Aussie Study Experience Report from Cohort Go shows student accommodation is one of the most underserved areas for international students making their way to Australian shores, with only 12% of students booking their accommodation through an education agent.

The report says an overwhelming amount of students bypass agents when booking accommodation and instead choose to seek housing services themselves.

While price is a factor, the report shows the real opportunity for agents is improving student satisfaction with their housing.

Survey participants were overwhelmingly dissatisfied with their accommodation experience - leaving a clear path for education agents to make a positive impact.

The report also shows a significant portion of students use education agents to book other services, revealing a clear opportunity to add accommodation into the mix.

Student accommodation has boomed in cities across Australia and the opportunity for agents is immense.

There are valuable partnership opportunities for agents and accommodation providers, and at the core of them is the chance to drive up student satisfaction and, with it, trust.

Read the full report here for more information and ways to increase your services as an education agent.