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Cohort Go reaches new heights in India & Nepal.

January 30, 2019

Cohort Go Global Sales Director, Guy St Clair has recently returned from a business trip spanning four countries from New Zealand to India, Nepal, and Australia. He engaged in a series of strategic discussions with our global payments partner, IDP Education, with a primary focus on further enhancing our global payment offering to international students.

Guy met with senior management from IDP branches in both Delhi and Kathmandu, to reflect on key milestones that Cohort Go and IDP achieved together since our partnership was forged in 2018, as well as set new goals to continue to further leverage the Cohort Go global payments platform.

We sat down with Guy and asked him a few questions about what he gained from his recent trip.

What were the biggest learnings from your visits to Delhi and Kathmandu?

Visiting the regions where our Agent Business Development Managers operate is a valuable exercise, as it provides us with first-hand experience of the opportunities and challenges our local teams work with each day. This can be simple things such as the volume of traffic dictating how many face-to-face meetings can be done in a day, through to understanding the time it takes to form long-standing personal relationships with agents. It’s these insights that are key to our continued success in each region.   

Why did visiting these places make a difference?

The benefit of the trip to Delhi was to fully understand the potential of the market and to build a closer relationship with IDP Regional Lead Shakaib Chaudhry at a local level.

In Kathmandu, the aim was to get a clear understanding of the regulatory challenges we face in the region in terms of moving funds out of the country.  The meetings we had with the Central Bank and other leading commercial banks have given us a clear idea of a way forward; something that could not have been achieved remotely.

Together with our in-country manager Suraj, I also took the time to meet Bhupendra Sitaula, Amrit Koirala & Abhishek Shrestha from IDP. With Nepal representing a relatively new market for Cohort Go, the trip was excellent timing to develop stronger relationships and ensure there is a high-touch understanding of our service offering with our regional partners.

A recurrent theme throughout the entire trip was a sense of genuine enthusiasm and increased connectivity into Nepal and India for 2019 and beyond.

The status quo has been challenged and now the lights are turning on that there is a better way to do international payments with Cohort Go.

Watch this space!

Discover more by contacting our local team members in India and Nepal.