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Cohort Go launches domestic payment platform in Egypt.

October 08, 2020

In the media with The Global Education Times published on October 7 2020.

Australian edtech company Cohort Go has launched its domestic payment capability for students in Egypt.

In an announcement, Cohort Go indicated that the platform is designed to facilitate the payment of all education-related expenses for students in Egypt.

Egypt seen as one of the largest education markets in the region with more than two million students enrolled at the university level and a considerable number of outbound students.

The new Cohort Go payment platform will provide an easy way for students to pay for their tuition, accommodation, and other related needs with their local currency.

Cohort Go also recently announced a partnership with Nisai Learning, a British e-learning provider, to provide online students with a new payment solution.

Cohort Go platform a cost-saving opportunity for Egypt students

According to the announcement, Cohort Go says it is driven to help students save time and costs associated with international transfers.

With this new domestic payment capability, students in Egypt who are looking to study abroad can pay their international tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation in their local currency.

Payments will be made with local currency

All payments on the Cohort Go platform can be made in the local currency to provide Egyptian students with an affordable option, and also an escape from fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Funds will be received by their desired educational institution within 3 business days under Cohort Go’s service guarantee.

Reflecting on the development, Mark Fletcher, CEO of Cohort Go, said: “At Cohort Go we are always looking for ways to better support international students.

“In times of uncertainty, the last thing students want to be worried about is incurring extra fees, or their funds not arriving in the right place at the right time.

“With the new solution in Egypt, students have peace of mind knowing their funds will arrive at their institution safe and secure, allowing them more time to focus on their studies.”