Terms of Use.


Terms of Use.

Cohort Go Payments for Providers.

  1. Definitions.

    • 'Chargeback' means a demand for the return of funds to the Payer by the Payer's financial institution or payment provider.
    • 'Payer' means an international student, a family member of the student, the student's education agent or another third party paying on behalf of the student.
  2. Provider Inbound Payments.

    1. Description: Cohort Go Provider Inbound Payments enables Customers to receive tuition or other international education related payments from a Payers.

      • The Payer initiates a payment for the Customer from a Cohort Go dedicated Customer webpage;
      • Cohort Go offers a variety of payment methods for the Payer to make to Cohort Go;
      • The Payer makes payment either by electronic means or by visiting their local bank branch;
      • Cohort Go receives either a domestic or international payment from the Payer into a segregated receiving account on account of the Customer;
      • Cohort Go reconciles, aggregates and readies the payment for delivery to the Customer;
      • Cohort Go:

        1. deposits via domestic or international payment the aggregated funds into the Customer's designated account on a daily basis, or another timeframe as agreed between the parties;

        2. and provides, either through integration or electronic means, information identifying each of the payments totaling the aggregate funds with details of each of the students for which the Payers have made payment.
    2. Credit Card Payments: Where the Customer has elected to enable credit cards as a method for students to make payment, Cohort Go may use third party providers to assist with receiving and processing card payments. Cohort Go currently utilises the services of PIN Payments to facilitate card transactions. By accepting this agreement, the Customer confirms that they accept PIN Payments terms and conditions as detailed at https://pin.net.au/terms).

    3. Chargebacks: Where funds have been deposited into or are in transit to the Customer's designated account and a Chargeback is initiated, the Customer, upon direction from Cohort Go, will refund the funds that are subject of the Chargeback immediately. Where further deposits are expected to the Customer, the Customer authorises Cohort Go to set-off the funds that are subject of the Chargeback against such future deposit.

    4. Payer Communications: The Customer will direct Payers to make use of the Cohort Go Payment service by including a Cohort Go link on its website and including Cohort Go as a method of payment on offer letters or other invoices.

  3. Provider Outbound Payments:

    1. Description: Cohort Go Provider Outbound Payments enables Customers to streamline their outbound payments.

    2. Payment purposes:The following outbound payments are permitted using Cohort Go Payments:

      • agent commissions;
      • student refunds; and
      • supplier invoices.
  4. General

    1. Support: Cohort Go will provide reasonable levels of support to both the Customer and Payers to satisfy its obligations in these Terms.

    2. Fees: Cohort Go does not charge the Customer any fees for use of the Cohort Go Payments platform. However, transaction fees may be charged depending on the payment channel. These fees will be shown in the Customer portal or be agreed between the parties.

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