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How do I find a free Doctor (“Bulk Billing”)

November 24, 2015

Finding a “Bulk Billing” doctor is a great way to save some money when you need to use medical services.

In Australia, bulk billing refers to the practice where the doctor receives their fee directly from the government through the Medicare system. So rather than have to pay, and then be reimbursed, the doctor gets paid by the government and the patient is not out of pocket.
There are two types of bulk billing: 1. With co-payment or gap, the patient only pays the amount above the MBS. 2. Full bulk billing: The patient pays nothing, it is all paid by the Australian government.
Why is this important for international students?Well, if you find a doctor’s practice which fully bulk bills with no gap, then you can visit the doctor with no out-of-pocket expenses – your OSHC provider will reimburse you for the full amount. The biggest hassle you will encounter is actually finding a doctor who does bulk bill. They are getting rarer and rarer as each year goes by.We recently found a directory of doctors that lists out bulk billing doctors – http://www.doctors-4u.com .If you know of any other resources for finding bulk billing doctors, leave them in the comments below!

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